Our Staff

Our staff is composed of nearly 50 highly talented, knowledgeable, and dedicated, attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and staff professionals whose primary goal is to provide services to the state's poor and low income population.

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Acevedo, Gloria   Legal Assistant(401) 274-2652 Ext. 124[email protected]
Aiken, Denise   Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 136[email protected]
Alvelo, Omayra   Legal Assistant(401) 274-2652 Ext. 133[email protected]
Angelone, Rebecca   Deputy Director and Director of the Financial Stability Center(401) 274-2652 Ext. 167[email protected]
Antoch, Tiffany   Managing Attorney(401)846-2264 Ext. 11[email protected]
Arsenault, Kristen   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 141[email protected]


Bagian, Steve   Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 137[email protected]
Banks, T. Michael   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 123[email protected]
Barge, Robert   Executive Director(401) 274-2652 Ext. 121[email protected]
Barrington, Katie   Legal Assistant/Housing Navigator(401) 274-2652 Ext. 128[email protected]
Broadbent, Gail   Legal Assistant(401)846-2264 Ext. 10[email protected]
Burbach, Heather   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 104[email protected]


Cardillo, Tiffany   Finance Officer(401) 274-2652 Ext. 143[email protected]
Carrara, Nicola   Manager of Human Resources and Program Support(401) 274-2652 Ext. 115[email protected]
Concepcion, Elizabeth   Legal Assistant(401) 274-2652 Ext. 158[email protected]
Connor, Alicia   Staff Attorney(401)846-2264 Ext. 12[email protected]
Covington, Judith   Legal Assistant(401) 274-2652 Ext. 186[email protected]


Diaz, Reyna   Intake Legal Assistant Office Manager(401)846-2264 Ext. 10[email protected]
DiCristofaro, Maureen   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 107[email protected]


Eleoff, Brooklin   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 174[email protected]


Flores, Steven   Director of Litigation and Managing Attorney Housing Law Center(401) 274-2652 Ext. 182[email protected]
Francis, Jonathan   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 108[email protected]
Furgal, Brian   Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 161[email protected]


Grullon, Yolanda   Receptionist(401) 274-2652 Ext. 100[email protected]


Harrington, Sean   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 138[email protected]
Hermann, Tracy   Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 103[email protected]
Hogan Caron, Adela   Social Worker(401) 274-2652 Ext. 135[email protected]
Horsman, Rachel   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 120[email protected]


Kolb, Leslie   Legal Assistant(401) 274-2652 Ext. 117[email protected]
Kot, Veronika   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 164[email protected]


Laren, Robert   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 146[email protected]
Leveillee, David   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 127[email protected]
Louro, Bridgette   Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 163[email protected]


Manzo, Julian   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 153[email protected]


Pereira, Veronique   Legal Secretary(401) 274-2652 Ext. 187[email protected]


Quinones, Evelyn   Legal Secretary(401) 274-2652 Ext. 176[email protected]


Rafferty Meara, Kelly   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 183[email protected]
Randall, Cheryl   File Clerk(401) 274-2652 Ext. 114[email protected]
Reid, Jefferson   Racial Justice Fellow(401) 274-2652 Ext. 130[email protected]
Reiss, Benjamin   Director LITC(401) 274-2652 Ext. 172[email protected]
Rice, Owen   Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 180[email protected]


Salomon, Nora   Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 116[email protected]


West, Lucinda   Staff Attorney(401)846-2264 Ext. 12[email protected]
Westerkamp, Dana   Legal Assistant(401) 274-2652 Ext. 145[email protected]


Zabelin, Michael   Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 152[email protected]

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