Heather Burbach

Heather Burbach earned her law degree from Indiana University in 2000. She began her practice of law in Oregon later that same year. She started her practice at Morris and Olson, P.C. (now Morris, Smith, Starns, and Sullivan, P.C.) focusing on indigent defense in the criminal, administrative and family/juvenile law areas. She later moved to the Portland Area to focus her practice on Delinquency and Dependency work at the Juvenile Rights Project. While in Portland she was able to participate in appellate work, including writing successful appellate briefs and participation in Oral Argument before the Oregon Court of Appeals.

In 2009 Heather moved from her native Oregon to Rhode Island. After a brief dalliance in corporate law, she returned to her first legal love, indigent defense. She worked briefly with Barrington Law Centers representing parents who were seeking assistance with education law issues for their son or daughter. Her work there led her to begin volunteering at Rhode Island Legal Services. In time she became a staff attorney here. She has worked in the areas of family law and domestic violence, as well as child support.

Currently Heather works with our Family Preservation Project representing parents who are involved in DCYF court cases.


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