Holistic Legal Assistance Network

The Holistic Legal Assistance Network (HLAN) is an innovative project undertaken in 2013 by Rhode Island Legal Services (RILS) with funding support from the Kresge Foundation. Between August 2014 and April 2015, The Resource for Great Programs conducted an outcomes-based evaluation of the first two years of the HLAN Project. In summary:
• Interviews and focus groups conducted for the evaluation revealed that the HLAN project is creating the template for moving a program from traditional “legal aid” to “holistic legal services.”
• Analysis of HLAN’s data indicated that HLAN provides positive outcomes in many more cases than not.
• 10 case studies flagged assets and challenges that may serve as drivers of client outcomes, and suggested a dashboard for providing real-time feedback to HLAN case managers that potentially can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their efforts to manage HLAN cases going forward.