Housing Stability Project

Prevent Homelessness
Stop Foreclosures
Create Affordable Housing Opportunities
End Housing Discrimination

Rhode Island Legal Services provides substantial legal assistance in the housing area including: providing advice and representation to clients in eviction matters; challenging the denial of admission to public and subsidized housing; delivering legal education programs in the community; and working with low-income tenant groups to preserve and/or develop subsidized housing.

In addition, funding from the National Mortgage Settlement Agreement has positioned the Project to undertake a broad spectrum of legal activities to assist borrowers impacted by the foreclosure crisis and to bring impact litigation challenging unlawful foreclosure and origination and servicing practices. Furthermore, the staff of the Foreclosure Prevention Project litigate common mortgage-related issues and use bankruptcy as an additional strategy for home preservation. Major litigation of pre- and post-foreclosure impact issues, with the National Consumer Law Center, the nation’s leading experts on foreclosure issues, is envisioned.

RILS’ Foreclosure Project staff will also represent tenants affected by foreclosure; educate borrowers and tenants who reside in foreclosed properties about their legal rights and help develop new initiatives to keep defaulting borrowers and tenants who reside in foreclosed properties in their homes.