Our Principal Priorities Include

Inspiring Equal Justice

  • Justice the Guardian of Liberty

    Inscription on East Portico of Supreme Court Building

  • Anything less than full justice is cruelty

    William Penn

  • The right of trial by jury in civil cases is fundamental to our history and jurisprudence. The founders of our nation considered it an important bulwark against tyranny and corruption, a safeguard too precious to be left to the whim of the sovereign

    Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist

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Our Mission

Rhode Island Legal Services provides high quality legal assistance and representation to low-income individuals and eligible client groups for the purpose of improving their economic condition and overall wellbeing by protecting and enforcing legal rights, stabilizing the family unit and communities where clients live, promoting self reliance, ending domestic violence, preventing homelessness, affording dignity to all people, and reaching out to groups with added burdens on their ability to access the civil justice system.