Client Stories

Family Safety

Ms. S

Ms. S. filed a restraining order in April against the father of her youngest child. In her affidavit, Ms. S. alleged various incidents of serious physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse. In court, Ms. S.’s attorney determined that Ms. S. was very apprehensive about testifying in Court and requested a continuance to further prepare Ms. S. to present testimony.

A contested hearing at which Ms. S. testified, resulted in the awarding of a three year order and supervised visitation for the Defendant. In addition, the Defendant was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation and weekly drug and alcohol screens.

Through this process, Ms. S. has gained confidence and a sense of peace. Ms. S. has told her attorney that she could not have gotten through this process without her and would have dismissed the restraining order on the first court date if she was not represented by RILS.